The recent discussions on this board were relating to tax planning regarging MMT shares and how to minimize future taxes on the super capital gains that will be realized on the Mart shares. Discussion also on how to minimize taxes on dividend income and transfers from margin to rrsp, tfsa amd jsa. That was all I was doing was a follow up. If you have a little knowledge you can ask your accountant the right questions and I would make sure that the person I see is in tax planning not just an accountant. Hopefully this is the end of this subject and let' move on. I have always felt that if a subject does not interest you don't read it. I also think too many on this board are willing to knock others and when I review many comments including yours in October they are are copy of previous comments like UM10 ,agip increasing our oil allotment , new pipeline, new fields and being listed on main board. I also consider these as the future including my prediction that our oil will be selling at between $125.00 to $ 130.00 by March 31st.