* Umu10 will not test like any other Umusadege well....near or far as it is being completed in a deeper sand package that has never been flow tested anywhere in the field before.

* why do you think it has taken them six months to get this done?

* they had drilling and now oil field services delays.

* the deeper string portion of the dual string will likely target two of the following sands...XIX, XXb or XXI (now in place) and the shallower string (other one) will target two of the other three shallower sands.

* successful flow test will have major reserve and production implications for the Umusadege oil field.

* IF you want a post on what to expect you can read one I wrote on my IV bb as it discusses the only really relevant example and that being the successful field production and flow tests from a few of the Energia / Oando Ebendo oil field wells that have as their primary reservoir production zones...the XIX and other deeper parts of that field.  That field, the Ebendo oil field, has very similar geology to Umusadege as it is on the Kwale State regional high trend and sits down dip of our own field a number of miles to the "west."

* more detail was provided by myself but you can find the post if you are sufficiently interested.