Sounds right if you read between the lines of #6. Wade did mention earlier this year in an e-mail we would list on Toronto & London by the end of 2012.  So why delay until mid-2013? Must be some sort of reason.  No point listing on new exchanges if we are going to merge as all seem to believe. To list as Mart only to change the listing company name shortly thereafter doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Can't see us using the names Mart, Mid-Western, or Suntrust should a merger occur. So we might as well start another contest of name that oil company just in case. 

I would be interested to know some of the particulars like who would lead a newly merged company. I think we are all used to Wade but would that be realistic to expect him to be in charge? Also, dividend policy if any, BOD, shares outstanding, Mart, Mid-western, Suntrust ownership percentages. We currently have a 50/50 split on production sharing. That doesn't mean we will end up with 50% of a newly formed company. Besides, the partners have other assets that we don't. They also have debt which we don't.

It will be really interesting to see how these things get ironed out should a merger be in the cards. They say be careful what you wish for you just might get it. Also, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Personally I'm not convinced the grass will be greener if a merger happens. It's important not only to think of what will be gained, but also what shareholders will have to give up as a merged entity. That being said, Mart share holders would get to vote on any merger proposal should it come to fruition.