Any new news about the repair of the pipeline ?




AGIP, the export pipeline operator, temporarily closed its export pipeline on October 30, 2012 due to leakages. AGIP advised Mart that as a result of local flooding, it was unable to inspect the export pipeline for damage, or commence repairs for two weeks following the shutdown. AGIP has advised that it has commenced repair works on the damaged sections of the pipeline.

The Brass River Export Terminal, where oil production from the Umusadege field is shipped, also experienced loading delays due to extreme flooding in the area. As a consequence, AGIP declared force majeure on loadings at the Brass River Export Terminal until the flooding situation was rectified. AGIP has advised that the situation is improved.

As a consequence of the foregoing, all Umusadege field production shipped through the AGIP export pipeline has been shut-in pending AGIP's ability to access, inspect and repair the export pipeline and rectify the flooding situation at the Brass River Export Terminal.