Blindbat, Thanks for that reference.  Can you please provide a link to the MD&A you are quoting?  I'd like to read the whole thing.

As suggested, a contract is a contract, but it still seems unrealistic for Mart and the partners to receive about $30million dollars (assuming 300,000bbls a month) for oil they do not produce and deliver thru the pipeline.  

Even if they do, in fact, get paid, it is not clear when the $30million "oil deficit" charge will be "accounted for"  as revenue adjustments, that is, this quarter or next quarter.

As the repairs are made, the pipeline reopens, and well production ramps back up, the revenues will continue (minus charges for "deficit oil"), and we will still suffer the effects of reduced production and revenues.

Caveat:  In reality, Mart's share of revenue loss from 1 month of downtime is about $15million, and the partners would bear the remaining $15million revenue loss.