You can always buy Eland on AIM but the interesting thing to me is the price they paid per initial proposed flowing barrel (flowing in 6 mos) for 45% non-operator interest makes the purchase expensive versus Mart's relative capitalisation but on a gross P1 basis one finds the complete opposite, that is on a comparative basis Eland is grossly undervalued on the market. Mind you, the area they bought was shut-in 2006 and they have a lot to do to reinstate the shut off volume of 2,500bopd. They will also have the same-old, same-old problems with the pipeline and Forcados terminal...probably best to watch through the new year and gauge their progress but as I say on a reserves basis (gross cost about $840MM for more than 5 times MMT's latest P1) the purchase looks darn cheap. Tell me if I'm wrong pls and thanks for making me interested enough to look at Eland.