Not at all.

Firstly, anybody posting about the risks of operating in Nigeria (geo political,bunkering,etc.) should not only be aware of them (it's called due dilligence) but if you bought then you obviously decided the reward is worth the risk.

Secondly, yes, not a climb in SP as one would expect with the good news but perhaps this is because no flow rate stated yet and until the oil is brought to surface no reserves can technically be added on.

Thirdly, as we all know even if the well produces (has the ability to produce) several thousand barrels per day we need the news of the new pipeline deal to really propel the stock to new highs as we're essentially maxed out on the current pipeline capacity.

So the way I see it flowrates and reserve increases are nice and may give us a bit of SP upswing but the real boost will be the new pipeline deal being done. After that (assuming no black swan event) an easy doubling of production.

Just my 2 cents to counter the doom and gloom crowd crying about risk in Nigeria (again),etc.

You buy the shares, you take the risk!!! It really is that simple.