Don't think anyone can give a clear answer other than to say it's from quarter to quarter. They have cash for the next dividend and we all know Q3 had higher prices which should provide cash for the following quarter. There's enough for two quarters dividends on hand (absent operational expenditures) so, with more cash flowing in within Q3 and Q4 the next three quarters should have dividends.

Obviously if oil drops 20% so will the share price as will the sector. Thing is 20% down on Brass River still makes the dividend sustainable.

As for what the partners will or won't do not even Wade can answer that. All he can do is sell them on the long term benefit of expanding the reserves and getting more wells online for the other pipeline. Doubtful the partners are going to ignore the fact that their revenue streams in a year could double so, why jeopardize that but, narrowly looking at one or two quarters.