In my opinion MLG does represent a good prospect, but only if you are willing to sit and wait for a bite.... much like fishing from the bank of a lake. Once the SP or W - APT price bobs get ready to set your hook... and be prepared for the fact that you'll have a minnow or monster on the line. 

MLG has a good history of being able to produce W at a low cost and generate profits when the mine is in operation. The recent drop in APT pricing and some operational setbacks (road washout and hydro poles down) lead them to suspend production. They have enough cash and financing to stay in care and maintenance for a few years, if need be. They likely will not be going back into production without a major refinancing and overhaul of their mining equipment and infrastructure (roads,hydro-generating station and mills) so look for any announcement of new financing, upward APT price movement (Metal Pages/Infomine) significant SP movement and volumes.... once any of those things happen it may be time to take a more significant position. The other early indicators are news and financiial reports of other players like NTC, Aii and WOF who either are producing or are in advanced stages of mine production planning.