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Magna International Inc T.MG

Sector: Consumer Cyclical | Sub-Sector: Auto Parts
Alternate Symbol(s):  MGA

Magna International Inc is an automotive supplier. Its product capabilities include chassis, interior, exterior, seating, powertrain, electronic, vision, closure and roof systems and modules and complete vehicle engineering and contract manufacturing.
Price: $123.25 | Change: +$0.57 | %Change: +0.46%
Volume: 76,982 | Day High/Low: 123.39/121.80 | 52 Week High/Low: 125.39/79.79

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2.5 stars

These MG "Insiders" Are Interested

Over net $1.7 million worth of shares bought to-day...off TMX Insider summaries.  rate and reply
1.5 stars

MG:3-Bagger (from $40) over 2 years:We're not interested"

in Magna said deep, deep, deep value investor Lorne Steinberg of Montreal, said, last week on BNNTV, 'we're not interested in this type of stock." He said the very same thing when Magna was under $80...read more
0 stars

Sell on BNN

Lorne Steinberg He is not a big fan of the corporate governance of this company. Also, auto parts business is very cyclical. They have a great market share with a number of auto...read more
1 star

It would surely be real cool if...

Magna  were a supplier to TESLA, the new generation of vehicles, just a fantasy. That would be an immediate 5-8% uplift to the share price of  MG.  rate and reply
1 star

Net Insider Buying of..

$7.1 Million to-day, Aug. 18th, off TMX www.  rate and reply
1 star

Brianj Acker's "Model Price" for MG

...on BNNTV, Aug. 15th, I assume it was iin Cdn$, gave a figure of C$148.05.  rate and reply
1 star

Upgrade by Credit Suisse To-day, Aug.14th, Thursday

Verbal only, no actual "target", provided by Frances Horowolsky on BNNTV this A.M.  rate and reply
1 star

Well, You Can't Accuse Me of "Pumping" This Puppy

I see over $2 million of Insider Buying to-day on TMX www.  rate and reply
1 star

Co. Doing One Thing, Insiders Another Other

We've been told co, is "buying back shares 'into Nov. 2014, yet, TMX www. reports that over $5 million was sold by Insiders two days ago. Luckilly, share price did not suffer, showing the durability...read more
0 stars

RE:Note to aplus

Thanks uchuck for the kind words. I'm here to learn and do research on stock to stay current so I don't loose shirt. It also nice to chat with other who own the same great stock like Magna Int. GLTA, ...read more
1 star

Note to aplus

Thanks for your diligence and corresponding astuteness on adding to position when all "was gloom and doom." Hoping they also juice up the divvy from a paltry 1.4% to "keep us loyal" when there is a...read more
0 stars

RE:Earnings Report, No Mention of...

Hi uchuck, On May 13, 2014 I posted it on Magna Int. (MG.A) and Auto Manufacturers/Suppliers group area about the share buy back. The share buy back program is on going right now and will terminate on...read more
0 stars

RE:No. 2 Note to Aplus (Gloom and Doom the other day)

Hi uchuck, sorry but I wasn't crying instead I over joy with the buying opportunity. And just like you I bought more and today we are being rewarded. MG is still my top holding. GTLA, Aplus  rate and reply
1 star

Earnings Report, No Mention of...

company buying back its shares, unless it's an NR I missed along the way.  rate and reply
1 star

No. 2 Note to Aplus (Gloom and Doom the other day)

When you were crying in your silver bowl about MG dropping down to near-$114.00 the other day, I added to my position at that price, am very happy now. Ukraine has nothing to do with T.MG stock. We...read more
1 star

See My Note Under T.LNR, Linamar

The triumvirate of Canuck auto parts is smokin' hot..  rate and reply
0 stars

Magna Results Beat Expectations

The market are loving the result.  Current bids are $118.93 CDN that up from $115.19. Let see if the SP could set a new 52weeks high. Sales rose 5.6 percent to $9.46 billion US. Earned $510 million...read more
0 stars

RE:Note to Aplus

Hi uchuck, I argree with you and hopefully MG is just following the TSX and DJ lead. Tomorrow is the big day @8am. Let see what Mr. Walker has to say. GLTA, Aplus  rate and reply
1 star

Note to Aplus

don't forget, TSX down quite a bit to-day, maybe we are swept into the down-draft.  rate and reply
0 stars

under 4 hrs before the is market closed

and MG share is down again. The Q2 result is being relased tomorrow before market open. If the numbers missed.Tthe SP could be in for a rough ride. If the numbers are good the SP could set a new 52...read more