Detour Lake is a great comparison. I agree ATC isn't a good comparison. I mentioned it only to illustrate how much better off ME is due to their location. I like ATC and absolutely don't want to sound like I'm bashing it but the location is becoming a real issue at this current time. They WILL have their day no doubt about it but in these tough economic times the best place to have a gold mine is in a structurally developed and totally accessible area similar to ME. Anything to reduce costs. Even Barrick is stating now that they plan to approach things differently in the future to reduce future losses. 

I'm wondering if part of Barrick's new business plan is to partner sooner and more closely with companies like ME rather than venturing off to remote regions of the planet and spending a ton of money? To me that would make GOOD business sense. IMHO

(Glad to hear that drilling is under way!)