for a junior gold company, is difficult at best. The standard pattern is they raise 3 or 4 million.... drill some holes   wait for results....raise more money i.e. stop drilling for months while money is being raised...start drilling again...wait for results..massive shate dilution etc (Yes Dave it is a worry that I have as well).

What separates Moneta from the majority of junior golds, is they were able to release a PEA and in a short turn around time, raise $10M to fund a gigantic drilling campaign and hire a leading geologist of the area to plan and supervise the effort.. What we will see shortly is the start of a massive uninterupted drilling campaign. What we will not see is the constant stop, start and delays that plague most juniors. We will not need further money for a year.

This spring/summer will be very interesting once the results of the drilling start being released. 10 million onzes+ here we come!