He first set out to prove that the company had an economical resource. That was goal was acheived with the release in Q4/12 of a 4.3 M oz. PEA. His next set was to acquire $10M, to be used for the sole purpose of drilling the balance of the property, so it would resemble swiss cheese. He then hired Mr.R. Aubertin, who expertise discovered the 15M oz. Detour Lake project, to design and supervise Moneta's drilling campaign.

IMHO the drilling program has now been planned out, and we should be hearing more about the specifics in the next while.

Ian is correct, IMHO, in proving up the size of the total resource, before even starting to eeven consider building a mine. At the end of the day, Moneta could have 10 to 15 M. oz. of gold for sale.

Ian correctly pointed out, that given the size of our proven resource and the potential for the resource to be expanded, we are undervalued when compared to our peers. I would agree with Wolfins assertion that we should be currently valued at about $45/oz. Our current valuation of about $10 is a bad joke!

Ian presented well. He stated Moneta's case in a logical manner. We should be receiving more attention from this point on. I wonder, which bank will be the first to "Discover" Moneta???

Best of luck


p.s. I understand that rebroadcasts of the show can be seen on BNN. Might be worth watching, if you missed the original showing.