From November presentation page 6:
World class infrastructure: 
mills, paved highway, power lines, water, and skilled workforce
Favourable Geology
• Contains two branches of prolific Destor
Porcupine Fault Zone
• No refractory or arsenopyrite gold  
• Between 4 significant gold mines: 
Holt, Holloway, Black Fox, and Ross Mine
• Nearby gold zones: 
– Grey Fox (BRD), Fenn-Gib (LSG) 
World Class Infrastructure
• Holt Mill (25km east)  and Stock Mill (40km west), 
both along Highway 101
• Access – resources within 5km of major paved 
Highway 101 and power lines
• Skilled regional and Timmins labour force
I also like both: TME and ME~~~~:>>)