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The reality is present conditions for gold miners have never been better.


Despite the rhetoric of most of the European leaders, things in the Eurozone are not improving at all, and instead they are simply getting worse daily. As these leaders continue with their hopeless attempts to cover up the real situation, prudent investors are losing faith with the global fiat currency system and are looking to diversify into hard assets especially gold -

For years the scoundrels who have run the global central banks tried all sorts of tricks to have gold deleted from their list of monetary reserves. They swapped, leased, and sold as much gold as they could as they ploughed into paper assets in particular the US dollar and US Treasuries. But, like everything in life, this cycle is now coming to an end, and things are changing around the world.

And, as the US dollar looks set to lose its pre-imminent position as the reserve currency of the world, central banks are becoming more concerned about the value of their paper assets and some of these banks are accumulating as much gold as possible.



Everything is now in place for a significant uptrend to get going, 
with the breakout on Friday from a fine completed base pattern, and 
the MACD indicator showing that there is still plenty of immediate 
upside potential from here.