Gold Seasonality Chart Shows November as Strongest Month - 

In statistics, many time series exhibit cyclic variation known 
as seasonality. 
For precious metals investors, understanding seasonality 
can help to determine when to buy and sell at 
optimal price points. 
Analysts often mention gold’s seasonality and refer to the 
“Summer doldrums” as a buying opportunity and 
the Winter months as the high season. 
To verify gold’s seasonality and identify opportunities 
to profit from the trends,


The Winter months remain the strongest seasonal period for 
Gold, particularly November through February.
The Summer months tend to be the weakest seasonal period for 
Gold producers, with the month of June showing the only 
average decline. 
May and September are anomalies, when the gold price tends 
to advance strongly during these months, but not in the 
immediate month before or after - 

Here is the chart in bar format as some prefer… 


And lastly, a chart with the 1.5% average 
monthly gain indexed at 100… 


Heading into the weeks of November, the charts suggest 
that investors can expect the gold price to advance sharply 
this month and continue higher through February of next year.

This is partly due to gold dowries for marriages in India, as 
this period is considered a 
lucky time of the year to get married -

Of course, these data points are averages are there are always 
variations and outliers. 
Nevertheless, this is an important tool that investors may 
find beneficial in deciding the best time 
to buy more gold stocks - 

Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc (TSE:ME) Gold 30M oz. + ? - 


Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc (TSE:ME) Gold 30M oz. + ? -


multi faults hub geol. into the Au Moneta Gold Mine made 
higher grade Au, 
still same Hollinger, McIntyre Au pipeline -
some of Hollinger underground workings butt up to 
Moneta Gold Mines border - 

Goldcorp knows the richer Mother Lode is deeper down - 
since the pros told Red Lake Gold Mine that it was outmined but 
we drilled from the bottom of the mine and it become 
the richest low cost major Gold Producer in the world

The Moneta Gold Mine - the largest Au virgine mine 
and Monta Porcupine's gold camp large properties beside Hollinger 
must be very attractive to Goldcorp to mine etc. -

 ME Moneta Porcupine Aumine properties with close location in pipeline fault zone to 

Hollinger Goldcorp (19.4M), Dome Mine (13.3M), McIntyre (10.8M)


Moneta Gold Mine head frame and mill – circa 1940 

Moneta Gold Mine - 

* Moneta Mine @ Kayorum mining property (100% - 52 claims) 

• Between Hollinger Mine (19M/oz) and Dome Mine (17M/oz to date) 

• Immediately adjacent to Goldcorp Hollinger super pit expansion 

• Hosts the Moneta Gold Mine (7 levels to 450m depth): 

* Former high grade producer (1940’s: 150,000 oz @ 0.47 oz/t) 

* Highest Gold average grade of the Gold Producers in 

* Porcupine Mining Camp of Golden Horse Shoe below 

* Hudson Bay, Ontario - 

* were about Au 200 million ounces been produced 

* Gold at $35 in 1940’s – cutoff was 8.00g/t 

* 2011 drilling: significant grade remains within, 
outside the mine workings - 
often the veins wider and richer bellow - 
the old timers only got a sniff of the rich 
treasure chests well hidden below the old 
very shallow mine workings -

Moneta Porcupine Mines Presentation - 

The Kayorum large mining property - 

* covers several patents and leases 

* including the past producing 

* Moneta Gold Mine - 

* Moneta Mine production (Gold 149,250 oz.@ Au 0.47 oz/t) 

* for a total of 52 units, all the south-western portion of the 
City of Timmins. 

* Kayorum is directly south and southwest of 

* the Hollinger Gold Mine - 
surface and underground workings @ Kayorum boarder 

* currently being evaluated by 

* Porcupine Gold Mines (Goldcorp) 

* Hollinger Mine for its open pit and 

* bulk underground mining potential.,-exploration-ongoing-in-Timmins.aspx 

The Moneta Gold Mine - the largest Au vergine virgo - 

other companies way to the west on Moneta Gold Mine property in the same fault Au pipeline do telling to have

God Bless