MBT board sleepy and not working in the best interest of shareholders.   MInanagement is grossly overpaid for a small telephone company like MBT, here are the annual compensation packages:  Blouin, 3.2 million - he is not worth even half that, Demkey, 1.3 million - why?, Sheppard, 1.4 million - dead weight, Prevost, 1.5 million - What?, Peirce, 900k - round out the team.   In fact, the board should make the right decision and signficantly cut senior management compensation packages....what added value are they?   $20 million could be cut now and that would increase ebitda by that amount....you would get at least a buck or two in stock price for that.   Cut a little deeper and you could get 40 million and still employ all those hearty Manitobans....except the fact cats.   Time for a new auditor too...Deloitte has been on the payroll far too long.   Much change is needed.   Better yet, TELUS, just buy MBT and look at the savings you have when you trim all the fat cat management and useless board members.