That is wishfull thinking but not correct in the fact the federal goverment will not get involved in this project. In Idaho, the state environmental agency (the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality) has no primacy (jurisdiction) on issuing several environmental permits that are going to be required for this project.  EPA Region 10 in Seattle  and the Corps of Engineers Walla Walla Branch will be denying or approving several necessary permits that the mine will need for instance.

Wetlands, wetland mitigation, wetland restoration, NPDES dicharge permits, including writing a fish tissue and macroinvertebrate havey metals monitoring plan. The State of Idaho can issue air permits but if the project requires a PSD permit than EPA gets involved.  

Dewatering of the salmon river is going to be the biggest issue since this is where several listed endangered and threatened fish species reside and migrate through for spawning.