Yes, it would be great to get any type of news from Mag.I went to the Vancouver AME,BC Round up show the other day and went into the core tent and had a look at the cores from Cinco,you could make jewelry out of them. Why aren't these up on the Mag web site? Also where is the JV cores they must look like silver jewelry already made with the Grams per ton they are getting there.I asked about the JV cores and where they are and the excuse I got is we are not the operator."So what" we should be able to see those cores regardless who the operator is.Mag You ,me, us, we own that company we have a right to see everything that is going on,Don't we?The boys have done a great job with Mag but we now need some one to be more aggressive with How Mag Is promoted to the open market and it's share holders.The share holders have a rite to see everything going on with the JV,they have been drilling like crazy, where are those drill results?Out of all the companies showing cores in that tent Mags Cinco cores stood out the most, if we had JV cores there,Mag would have to have had it's own tent.