As we continue to work out the CINCO kinks, and the JV-moves forward:

Recent share action:


   -Today: Not a single trade over 1,200-shares, and that ticket just cashed. Most in the 100-200-share, HI-FREQ variety.

   -Yesterday: We had a 388,300-single share trade just massaged into the action; no price change.

Silver is being slashed, and most silver shares as well. Smacks of more desperate CARTEL action. 

From Harvey Organ's BLOG last night:

 As expected, another raid was orchestrated by the bankers for two reasons:

i) options expiry on gold and silver metal contracts.  The options expiry is Monday.
ii) the huge OI in silver and generally the bankers try and force silver holders to relinquish some of their long positions.

The Royal Canadian Mint announced that it two was rationing silver sales.
As this was announced, the silver price was tumbling.  Go figure!!


And on WED:

Gold closed: down $6.50 to $1686.50 as the bankers orchestrated another raid.  There is no doubt that they have set their eyes on silver which refuses to budge and today it rose for the 7th straight day to $32.41 up 26 cents. We are now closing in on the end of the month and as always the bankers do their raids trying to keep options on gold and silver from being exercised.  Same drill for the past 10 years!!  And are regulators are as quiet as a mouse on this manipulative collusion. The raids are now in full view of everyone as the bankers know the regulators will not act.

A good weekend to all.