We have just posted our latest free commentary, but because this time of the year is quite specific for gold & silver investors, please take a moment to read also several paragraphs below before clicking the link to the article.

As far as the current situation on the gold, silver and mining stocks is concerned, we are quite certain that whatever happens in the following 2 weeks, it will be volatile (unlike what you saw so far this week). Right now gold is rallying... But:

  • In 2009, gold declined (intra-day) over $50 on the day after Thanksgiving only to rally $90 (counting from the daily low) in the next 4 days
  • In 2010, gold declined (intra-day) $23 on the day after Thanksgiving only to rally immediately thereafter and top in less than 2 weeks 
  • In 2011, gold rallied about $90 right after Thanksgiving only to plunge at the beginning of December