*JV: One of the largest / richest silver + finds in decades. Frez attempts take-under bid, progress is stalled; ICC-necessary to get moving again. Permitting due Q1-2013.

CINCO: Dr Megaw has knicked the skarn: July PR;

The gold and copper grades in all four intercepts are the highest and most consistent yet encountered on the project. Significantly, broad zones of coarse marble and pervasive tungsten-bearing garnet skarn occur above, between and below the massive sulphide zones, indicating a very large scale system has been located.

*EXCELLON: Highest grade mine currently in Mexico. Tonnage on the smallish side, BUT, Dr Megaw appears to be onto the CRD-source:

Anomalous gold values (incl. 3.34 g/t over 0.65 m in LP1030), combined with anomalous bismuth (1,885 ppm over 1.5 m in LP1030) and copper (0.27% over 1.3 m in LP1028 and 0.36% over 2.9 m in LP1030), continue to suggest increasing proximity to the Source of the high-grade Platosa mantos.

So we saw rival union groups illegally blockade EXCELLON, shutting production down, and now the sequence of events at MAG.