From the Gold Report

TGR: What other junior companies are you keeping your eye on?

RW: Another of our favorites was a junior, and it is now more of an intermediate. That is MAG Silver Corp. (MAG:TSX; MVG:NYSE) in Mexico. MAG Silver also has joint ventures with another company on this list, Canasil Resources Inc. (CLZ:TSX.V). MAG Silver's idea is to build a very large property position. It is looking to build a 100 Moz silver property, which would rival Peñoles (BMV:PE&OLES), which is one of the top miners in Mexico and the world. MAG Silver has a lot of cash. Management is composed of very smart people and is very experienced. Mexico, especially northern Mexico, is one of the top places to be for silver. We like the company. We like the whole situation. That one is a recent recommendation in our letter. We came in last July at about $8.77/share. The stock is up at around $12/share and still going up. If the silver prices continue to rise, it will continue to do better.

TGR: Do most of its projects wrap up into one district play, because the company website lists many projects? How do you interpret it?

RW: It has many scattered projects, but the main area of interest is really one senior-type play. It is advancing several projects on its own and with partners. We just think it's a fabulous opportunity. Peter Megaw is the top geologist there. He's a colleague and a friend, a person whom I admire greatly. He has a fantastic reputation in the business and knows Mexico like the back of his hand. The company has been very responsive in explaining every facet of the project to investors and we think it's great.