Let us not forget our huge ex Shell forest farm, which was managed poorly by the old management.


A long term sustainable management of our forestry including watersheds would be another win win for all involved.

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Congo and China prepare an agreement on the management of the Congolese forest 31/01/2013

According to the Chinese Ambassador to Congo, Guan Jian, his country and the Congo are currently examining the possibility of a Memorandum of Agreement on the use and renewal of forest watersheds Congo. He spoke Jan. 30 in Brazzaville after a meeting with the Minister of Forest Economy and Sustainable Development, Henri Djombo. The Chinese diplomat said the agreement would allow China to support the Congolese government in the production, reforestation and forest renewal. All necessary elements have been provided by the Minister Henri Djombo. "I'll send all these files to the Chinese government for its assessment," he announced.