Look guy, oil is a commodity.  It will be produced for EVER. period.  Now, if you think you make alot of money pulling it out of the ground in shale plays at $85. Just wait another year or so.  Production will DECLINE.  As far as Canadian oil companies go, I've been through 2 boom and busts.  You might be able to buy these Canadian producers cheaper.... but your betting against inflation.  Good luck if your short.  You'll need it.  could be 8-10% here and there.... but so what, our oil will find a home and if the price isn't good for the supplier... then production declines and the cycle begins again.  Canada doesn't actually need keystone, just like we don't need that stupid joint strike fighter jet that is outrageous expensive.  I can't remember a period of time where environmentalist get a "leg" up in industry or control outcomes of pipelines.  However if your right.... Canada has lots of options, including SLOWING down on the milk it provides to it's arrogant child the states.  This is the best option for us, until they finally elect a real leader that can accomplish something.   BTW. don't be suprised if our goverment cries foul and starts trade sanctions against all that US oil coming up to Canada.  If what you say (keystone) is delayed.