I work for an energy Services Company doing Instrumentation and Petrobakken has kept me extremely busy over the course of the last few months, we have probably been doing on average 5 or 6 single and double well pads a month at least and they just keep on coming so its one that Ive been watching because I find it interesting that the shareprice is just falling off a cliff lately. I have to come to the conclusion that shareholders are afraid that the dividend is unsustainable and/or they are uncomfortable with the debt load PBN has taken on to grow this fast.  Either way I will be watching for a bottom here, Chen Lin and Brett Wilson both bought shares at higher prices and those guys do their homework so Im not writing this one off completely from my watchlist as of yet. Perhaps this puts in a double bottom around the 6$ mark where it hit over a year ago. Starting to look very compelling valuation wise considering they are probably trading under 3X cash flow now