Bladerummer, If 2 hours is the  time that you give yourself to decide if you made a good investment, that's your problem right there.  Go gamble at a casino if you want instant gratification or lose your money instantly.  Do you know if you would have invested in Coca Cola (big US Company) at the high in 1998, you would still have a loss on your capital, the only money made would've been from dividend; and that's a period of almost 15 years, not 2 hours.  I suggest you find something else to entertain yourself because investmens are not judged in hours, days or months.  As far as regulations in Canada, the US is not any better, you just have to look at the financial crash from 2008-09 where your banks where lending money to people like you without a job.  If you invest in small cap energy stock, you need to be able to take the volatility.  By looking at your post, it seems you only invest in risky ressource stocks and you rant the same old excuse blaming management and the canadian regulatory system.  If you don't like the canadian regulations, invest in companies in your country and stop crying and blaming everyone else, what's so hard about that.  



fully invested in energy or material stock cap stocks.