Dipwad, I never said there was any link. Call the network show '60 Minutes' and ask them for a copy of the national broadcast a few years back. Do your own work, I realize you're too busy stalking but give it a rest. TSX is a blatant joke, just like your government who imports a million Asian East indians a year to take over your own country. Tell them to fix PBN so I can escape with just a 30% loss, had enough. Your next leader will be wearing a turban soon, thats when we close our borders.

Bladerunner If you cannot supply a link to your allegations about the TSX then you are a LIER !!! I am a BIG fan of 60 minutes and watch it every week and record episodes, if I am unable to view it at the time of broadcast and I have never seen them mention the TSX. It is UP TO YOU to call the network to show us proof of your allegations. THE REASON YOU DO NOT IS BECAUSE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING ABOUT THE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST THE TSX ON 60 MINUTES NEVER HAPPENED!!!  Your Canadian immigration stats are pure fabrications, just like your statements about theTSX.


BLADERUNNER I will never put you on ignore, I am a very proud Canadian and I will stand up to your slanderous comments about Canada whenever I see them. You are a disgrace to America.