Your pathetic statement......" Canadian regulations ( which in fact are one of the best in the world")

Do you just make stuff up. Independant World Study done 3 yrs ago by the economics division of U of M and shown on '60 Minutes', revealed the TSX and its regulatory standards as one of the worst of all global exchanges. Add to that the most pathetic weak justice system ever as all the lowlife thieves there get a slap on the wrist and keep thier stolen cash while investors rot.

PBN is a garbage investment, div's don't make up for a 40% drop in shareprice in 1 year.


Bladerunner you have repeatedly made these allegations about the TSX and it's regulatory standards, on many SH discussion boards. I have searched more then once on the internet to find any valitity to your statements and I cannot.  It is up to you to prove to us your statements are true by providing us a link to them. We are waiting for your reply.