When you cut off exploration you stagnate future growth. The exploration has already been cut to the bones. Maybe scale down other expenses. I'm not in the know of LSG 's private affairs. Perhaps they should consider unloading an asset for profit. I hate to even mention the Fenn Gibb pit. It will be many years before LSG have capital to build the huge mill required for the vast production tonnage. Just my thoughts. They have financial difficulty balancing Timmins West and Bell Creek. LSG has unloaded other properties. Perhaps that is the plan?Pick up another deposit when the company is flush with cash. Fenn Gibb however good it might be has put a small noose around financing and "SHAREHOLDER VALUE". My proof is the present SP. Stay concentrated on the Bell Creek and the Timmins West properties. Having fewer properties will lessen the management and other accounting and exploration costs. It might seem I am babbling a bit...well heck yes. Trying to stir up conversation. Look at how the car companies scaled back over the years.