TONY,TONY TONY.Goldhappy,a lot of you forget one thing,TONY is bound by the board of Directors and some moves have cost this company greatly.I know Tony personally and 4 to 5 years ago Tony pleaded with the board to purchase West Timmins mining(Thunder Creek) and the board said no (Twice)He finally convinced them to purchase but for over 250 million which cost shareholders dearly.Tony  and LSG could have purchased WTM for 75 million dollars  back then but the baord said NO!!!!Tony is very good at what he does and many here call for his head but few know the facts.He has taken a little know deposit and accomplished so much in 4 years.Most companies take 8 to 10 years to go from a piece of dirt to being a profittable money making venture.The whole mining industry has changed in the last 3 years since we were trading at $4.00.This is not all TONY,S fault.Many companies are trading at 25% of what they were 3 years ago.(SGR $3.75 then and 68 cents now)So much money has gone into ETF,s and out of the gold miners to reduce mining risks,That,s just the way things have evolved.SO DON,T be too hard on TONY,he is getting paid very,very well for sure but he is turning this company around and now is the time to get in for the next run-up IMHO,THE DOG from Florida!!!!P.S> The best move this company  has made to date is teaming up with our South American financers 4 years ago and this is probably why we are as far as we are today with LSG.