geoff13...your thoughts are in line with some of us. I have been a great promoter of this company. They "had " all the ducks lined up. Lots of gold , a small mill , no debt , high grades, half as many shares and some 30 exploration drills cranking out core. Then Tony hyped about 100,000 oz the 1st year out then 200,000 the second year out and 300,000 oz the absolute year out. Were about 3 plus years from that absolute lie. We are not even at 100,000 oz....We have some debt...rather small for the potential ahead. The absolute worst thing happened when Tony diluted the heck out of our shares. This absolutely killed us. Stone dead. No bonus should be paid to the board members involved. I would like to see a take away provision if we don't make 3000 by June and nearly 5000 by December 2013 and perhaps Tony replaced. Just too many missed targets and this very expensive loan. Lets not forget a bunch of uncompleted exploration targets. The board was also phony about reporting of the nearly blank deep drill hole. Cowards and liars about shareholder value. This thing has once again fizzled at 85 cents while the markets are soaring. They are still all over the place with no profit and great uncertainty  ahead. Like what is going on with that mill??? It was due at the end of 2012. It might be the end of 2013 with all the work to be completed. I know it takes time but something seems very strange and uncertain.