Thanks dogwag. A few weeks back Tony indicated "NO" further financing would be required. You shoring up the facts helps everyone. It is amazing how facts get distorted. That's why lawyers want everything in writing. No doubt about facts. My own personal opinion is we will see some upside as they keep producing and increasing that production rate. When hear O'Leary talk on TV investors only want money. In his words nothing else matters. He is full of himself. Other things do matter. Quality construction - Quality orebodies - Quality workforce - Quality management - Quality products are but a few things that matter in LSG's case. LSG will have their day. This stock will snap back just as fast as it fell....maybe faster!! They must produce more gold or "Find" more gold. It is gonna happen. Starting a new mine takes time. I would rather they hold off on the bonus thing. Looks bad on them right now...mainly because they missed time lines with all their forecasts. They need not be punished but should not be rewarded until the shareholders of the first production lies driving the price over 4 bucks are paid back!!! Something like a special dividend for shareholders??