LSG  production GOOD !!!  Pay down debt GOOD!!!  Requires some spending OK !!! The market wants yield for the shareholder or an enormous exploration discovery GOOD !!! We're still 2 to 5 years away from giant things happening. It is GOOD to get finances in order and avoid problems. It would be wise to increase the exploration. So much potential to be uncovered. That may be the quickest way to a share explosion...otherwise we're at this 2 to 5 years. A 30% spike in gold would also help out. 130 to 150,000 oz is only 130 to 150 million. A shaft at Bell Creek would gobble that money. Increasing mill capacity will also consume that money in the near term. Thus not enough clear profit for investors at this point. The pit is just that right now without the mill.Just my thoughts. Maybe this will spur some conversation on the blog board.