The share buy back sounds like a good plan at a later date. LSG needs to pay off loans and CAPEX costs and expand the exploration. The real money is in...GOLD PRODUCTION !!!    Production outstrips any other activity. The exploration proceeds production. Drill and expand the resource and build the mine and mill as needed and when cash income permits. If they get this place up to 400,000 oz per annum thats $400 million dollars or about a buck a share. Share buy back will tie up all the needed expansion cash. Don't kid yourself people can add and divide. You produce in the income and divide by the shares. That's what the market does and that's why we sit at 90 cents for a while. Just watch this puppy gain legs when the show the gold and the greedy sharks start swarming. Were just here for the ride. The big houses spark activity. You just can't time these moves.