It was nice to hear Dan Gagnon recognize we shareholders exist. Many of us supported this company at much higher prices.  Dan Gagnon said LSG needs to find ways of getting the share price higher. It might be time to hire a professional consultant. LSG is an easy sell if the story is presented properly. I have trouble hearing analysts tell us what we already know based on numbers. No matter how we look at mine properties it always starts with the science. Look at tremendous exploration potential and success of the LSG properties. What I read and listen to is how much it cost to develop the mines and mill. Well no kidding. Lets not forget how much time it takes. It's not all done folks. It won't be all done for many decades. I heard Dan Gagnon mention they have 10 years of mining ahead of them. LSG will explore and keep 10 years of mining on the books each year by exploring and proving up the required reserves. That in itself is a tremendous selling angle. Many open ended ore zones at the Timmins West property. They have not even got to drilling the huge zone between the Timmins West Mine and Thundercreek...WOW !!!  Dan seem to imply they are getting the balance sheet in order and won't require any more funding WOW again !!! Every 100,000 oz of production is about $100 million dollars of surplus cash. That's a fare bit of raw haw. All good for the longs.