the estimated production range is 120,000 to 140,000 onces of poured gold bars. That my friends should definetly give the stock some upward momentum .Therefore 2500 tpd until May 1st and 3,000 tpd for the remainder of the year.Oh ya and I would add that little stock pile should also get chewed up as the mill will definetly try to maximize what the boys underground can send up.For argument sake, 2500 tpd x 4 gpt / 31.1 (321 daily onces) x4 months 120 days = 38,585 .Then we go 3,000 tpd x 4 gpt / 31.1 (385 daily onces) x 8 months 245 days = 94,533 + 38,585 = 133,118  onces  poured. This I hope is the low ball end as if they can get there grade to 5 gpt as per reserves you could add a sweet 33,279 onces to the mix witch would give the boys a total of  166,397 onces poured. Keep in mind this is without any down days and scheduled time to tie in the mill but this is what can approximetaly come out of this system. YOU tell me the stock ain't going up.GLTAL Tony give us some good news PLEASE .