instock , I would have to disagree .Lakeshore made a decision last year to take the escalator that was going downwards back to the bottom flour or basement if you like , to regroup itself witch was a tough but right decision.They decided to take a year to revamp everything from underground minning plans to rebuild of a new milling system.They have for now 2 years mined and poured about 85,000 onces of gold through adjustement times .The longs have stayed there course but the fund managers and the day traders had a field day with this stock  but this is part of life.Therefore where we stand now is if the mill has increased it's output to 2500 tpd, then you have an immediate increase in gold poured for the comming year.This alone at 2500 tpd at 4 gpt would give the company an anual pour of of 115,000 onces , witch is an increase of 32,000 onces.That said the escalator has already started to climb in the upward motion as all the base ground work is complete and the mill has increase in production and another step is just 3 months away to 3,000 tpd with all minning ready to accomodate this throughput.Therefore these lows will just be temporary and will go up pretty quick from here, I would suggest you get in now as you will lose 25% of a return verry quickly , as this snowball is just building and is gainning momentum for big returns.GLTAL