I think youre a bit confused.  Contractors on site tell me that the front end of the expansion has not been completed yet.  I also heard that the existing grinding circuit is spitting ore out the back end of the ball mill.  Just because you force feed it doesnt mean it has reached 2500 tpd.  The numbers will verify that once lakeshore reports the average throughput for December, if they choose to do so.  Be careful making assumptions that the "secondary system" can handle 3000 tpd when it doesnt handle it now.

As far as the company being "on track for a strong performance" for 2012, it depends how you look at it.  Lakeshore touted a guidance of 85,000 to 100,000 ounces for 2012.  Reaching 85,000 is the bottom end of their target and not exactly a stellar performance.  The current grade of 4.2 grams is quite pathetic when compared to news releases in early 2012 that claimed probable reserves at 5.2 grams per tonne ..or about 20% less than reported.

Its amusing that the company avoids reporting on the actual costs of the mill expansion to date.  Lakeshore reported on June 13th that they would cap spending on the mill expansion to $56 million in 2012.  How much did they actually spend to date??  I dont think they want to touch that hot potato.  The actual costs might be shocking.  Lakeshore reported on August 9, 2011 that the entire mill expansion to 3000 tpd was supposed to be completed by now....not just a partial expansion to 2500 tpd...

What gets me is the contradictory statements in their release  For example "The Company continues to have an active drilling program aimed at ...... evaluating high-priority exploration targets around the Timmins Camp", yet they claim in 2013  there will be  "a sharp reduction in capital expenditures" .  You cant have both.  You cant expect people to hinge their hopes and expectations that Fenn Gib will be developed or a new shaft will be sunk at Bell Creek when no capital will be spent. 

Shareholders want something to believe in.  Shareholders have dreams.  No shareholder wants to invest in fantasies.

Make an informed decision before you sell the farm and jump in.  The water might be colder than you think.