companies put out a release for a 10,000 meter surfave drill program and everybody gets ansi for the unknown . Lakeshore just drilled 21,000 meters from 535 m to the 700 m level at there Bell Creek underground facility witch was drilled in a already defined resource of 646,400 M&I and 953,800 in the infered category with the intent to increase the M&I category with a hopefully finding a little extra , witch they did.They know plan to drill the same from the 610 m level to the 1,000 m level to have a new resource and a new output for there 5500 tpd mill witch happens to be positioned right on top of the resource . Actually if you look at the mill picture the ramp to surface is a mere 100 meters from the newly designed truck dumping station to the system. Therefore 42,000 meters in a resource not chasing one means value my friends . Take your wife savings your childs toothferry money and sell your Wayne Greztky rookie card as value is comming your way . GLTAL ha ha and Merry Xmas to all.