My freind has confirmed to me that the mill is up and running at 2500 tonnes per day as planned.He was part of the conversion as his company was workking on the conversion.They will be fine,tax loss selling will be over soon and the shorts will turn to covering as they see the selling drying up and they will be covering their shorts and buying long for the next run up!!The pros make money on both ends.Relax and see where we are at year end and then in 6 to 7 months from year end and you will be kicking yourselves for not taking advantage of this beat up price.The commercial longs in gold futures have bought in with both hands and are ready for the next wave up!!They have the largest position held in the futures market since 2009.I bought in 3 years ago at .60 cents(200,000 shares) and sold half at $4.39 cents and the balance at $2.50 so I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and loaded up today(200,000 shares at .67 cents)This may not be the bottom,bottom but its close and the upside far outways the downside so it was time to pull the trigger again!!Stocks go up until they go down because they are too expensive!!Well stocks also go down  till they go up because they are too cheap for what they are producing.The selling could be from a company wanting to takeover LSG at low  ,low prices.They could come in now and scoop this up for Between $1.20 and $1.50 a share,just before they go on the upswing for the production and lower cash costs for LSG.Lots of tax loss selling will subside soon.Not to worry!!!