Patient shareholders

Shaft deepening

Very painful process


There, I fixed your comment for you.  I think this sums up what's going on...the rest, all filler words.  GLA, I don't think this stock is going anywhere, we're practically at the same level as 1996 (.76 cents)... for those who caught the wave up to $4 good job, everyone else...well, the term bag holder comes to mind.  I looked back at diggers comments in 2009... high hopes flying on unicorn wings sprinkled with glitter...turns out it was lipstick on a pig.  These guys are sitting on a gold mine...literally and figuratively, and yet somehow seem to be mining in quicksand up there in the Great White North.  This may be a good stock to put a few dollars in, throw the dice and when she pops you unload, but there are so many other options out there, that sticking with it for the long haul would understate whole glutton for punishment mantra.  Luckily I came to the game late, and am hovering around break even, with Gold set to explode I can find a ton of other options that will capitalize on the next leg up of the parabolic rise.