Its called accumulation.  Its been underway for some time now.  Basically the market would say the smart money is building positions - buying whatever blocks they can get.  Once the positions are established, I expect you'll start to see so-called experts talking positively in interviews on TV programs like BNN.   Then the retial idiots will start buying - thinking they just discovered something new!   As the share price rises, the retail retards will start buying - thinking that since its gone up in the past, it will go up in the future!

As the shareprice increases, mgmt will decide whch of the many postive strategy options to raise money through selling shares, to drill out some of their vast under utilized grow through further mergers/ adopt a high dividend policy, and use yield to jack up the share price (Getting them to $10 ish fast) sell the company in whole to the Chinese (Getting them to $15 ish).   Lots of positive options, all leading to 2-3X current share price using current comodity prices............put some strength back under Natural Gas, and reduce the oil glut north of cushing, and possibe share price upper limits rise.