These guys really have no shame in diluting the life out of this company... The bleepin price was above a dollar for what 2? 3? weeks after a brutal year and a half of constant heavy decline and they kick everyone in the teeth after a tiny bit of momentum? There is value here especially under a dollar but their urge to dilute may be more than people can stomach after dropping the share price almost 70% off recent highs. With dilution the old highs would be about 5.50-6.00$ in todays terms... So a 50% recovery is 3$, add in lack of interest maybe 2$? I think this issue killed the possibility of a psychotic rally . If they can prove Alot more tonnage which has alaways been lacking in their reserves I think that will be a key ingredient to getting the sp going as it will no doubt draw interest from other companys. Chinese exports seem to be gaining momentum which probably means Europe is slowly dragging itself out of the abyss. >