A small junior iron ore company in Labrador GOLDEN DORY RESOURCES, symbol gdr on the venture trading at 0.04 cents. This stock has the potential to  go to 0.08,,,, a whopping 100% gain,  Labrador Iron Ore has to go from 0.98 to $1.96 for a 100% profit,,,,.  How long will it take folks for LIM  to reach $1.96????????. IMO not this year, their are to many shares out.   I am holding  both   LIM and GDR.  Loaded up on LIM at 0.98,

Most baby boomers have more wisdom and knowledge today on how the markets work, because of the internet with the tools and information coming into their  livingroom/office 24/7 at your fingure tips, and  they  are now joining the smart money and base their investments on PERCENTAGE of GAIN .   We are not living in the Murray Pissiam days.. . I have joined the SMART MONEY. BUY LOW SELL HIGH

P.S  Folks you do not have to buy GDR based on this post, please do your own D.D.   When GDR reaches 0.04 I will be the first to let you know.  IMO I expect GDR  to reach 0.04 or higher  by year end. HAPPY INVESTING