Amhb you commented to me

"I have only given it a quick read, but 2 (well 3) major things that are missing on the top of my head."


The tax breakdown is rough, if you would ike to get down the every little penny by all means. The overall difference will be around $10 between WPX and KRN, but i did site the tax breakdown out of WPX feasibility that has all the Saskatchewan taxes broken down. Its actually not that hard once you develope a grade 10 mathematic formula

My discusion is based between 2 companies 2MT facilities. Hypothetical as there not Producing

I agreed that KRN has another project in "pre-feasibility level" and as you just posted

"When AAA produces a readable feas. that is publicly avaiable then I will comment. Pre feas are just that PRE - Feas. An educated guess that can not be held in any court of law as the truth. Only as a guideline. As an investor you should be aware of that."

And just to second my comment. Ill cut and paste this out of the KRN Feasibility

19.6By-Products Market

No by products can be defined yet. To investigate the use of the MgCl2 brine from the process

plant, a pre-feasibility study has been launched on the Magnesium compounds, including

Magnesium Chloride for road de-icing, Magnesium Carbonate for the pulp and paper mill and

Magnesium Oxide for the dead burn market.


As for OPEX can go down, can you please site that in the feasibility study. Is it +-15% lol, the accuracy of a feasibility study.


Your major things you are argueing on are  "from the top of your head" as you so well posted prior. Contradiction in your own posts. Shows how credible you actually are. Thank you but try again and maybe read the whole post next time. You are not the adminstrator, you dont have to post on every discusion, especially when its over your head. "facts, not stupidy" i believe you told me!!

Take your own advice