It says that this is not for dissemination in the United States. Hmm. To disseminate (from lat. disseminare „scattering seeds“), in terms of the field of communication, means to broadcast a message to the public without direct feedback from the audience.

If it is not being broadcast in the United States, it is being broadcast in Canada, which means that internet transmission is broadcasting in the sense of the word 'dissemination' used in the statement. So the traceroute from my hotel room in montreal to went through a site called, which is in San Francisco, which is possible as the back network for the hotel chain's internet system. Even though klgold's server is in the same city as I am currently, the network traffic went through the States! And not only that, when I was in Toronto yesterday, the traceroute to klgold went through Chicago IL!

Not only that, but what is stopping an American from looking at the site? How can it say 'Not for dissemination in the United States' when it is being disseminated through the wires in United States (almost) every time it is being used? If the statement is not a material fact, there could be serious problems in the United States, which we long-suffering investors would be very curious to see! Indeed, getting someone to invest in your company through a statement which might not be a material fact might be a simple thousands of counts 'wire' or 'mail' issue, which can result in the enjoyment of the pleasure of the company of the United States Government for a very long time! Indeed, every time an American buys a stock in a company which is not using material facts, it might be construed as going through the wires! Telephone! Television! Tell an Internet!

If something is not good enough for the United States, why is it good enough for Canada or other places? Are we supposed to be more stupid than Americans? If so, that is not a very nice thing at all. You would think we Canadians were ignorant podunks who did not know what securities and exchange violations were!