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Keyera Corp T.KEY

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas Midstream
Alternate Symbol(s):  KEYUF

Keyera Corp operates natural gas midstream businesses in Canada. It operates in the oil and gas sector between the upstream sector and the downstream sector. It is organized into two integrated businesses, Gathering and Processing & Liquids Business Unit.
Price: $95.96 | Change: +$0.42 | %Change: +0.44%
Volume: 272,632 | Day High/Low: 96.24/94.71 | 52 Week High/Low: 96.35/54.72

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I would be interested in this company at around $50 to $60, but 90+ is overvalued. You think its going to $150????? UCHUCK can continue his salesmanship on other boards, but with 272 ignores I dont...read more
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RE:Note to mrbb:"Boasting" About One's Portfolio

uchuck; 90% of people know absolutely nothing about how the stock market works.  So, more disclosures may do little as many people will not even understand the mathematical disclosures. What should...read more
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rmbb, Note No. 3, "experts" on BNNTV

Hey, Buckley, also have a look-see at my postings under T.MG, Magna. When T,.MG was trading around C$80, no shortage of "experts" 'slagged it. It's now around $120, 50% higher than $80.00. Stockhouse...read more
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Note to mrbb:"Boasting" About One's Portfolio

I fully understand and am in sympathy where you are coming from:on the other hand. some of us re delighted to 'pass on" our sucesses& triumphs so, they, too, can benefit. I don't pick up any MERs...read more
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RE:Note to rbb, Petty "Yield" Discussion

the question was why KEY is able to bang off 62%, is KEY growth is better than PPL and IPL? The reason KEY has low yield becoz people willing to pay more, i was just asking why... I started buying...read more
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General comment:TSX's "Summer Doldrums-"Never Happened

On June 20th, '14, "licenced" Trader, James Hodgins, Master of the Curvature Hedge Upside Down Fund, who actually boasts of having "hundreds" of positions ( I call that "carpet-bombing" trading, said:...read more
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Note to rbb, Petty "Yield" Discussion

As long as a stock can bang off a return of 35-55%, (62% YOY for Keyera), whatever, who gives a darn whether one has a 3.7% yield or 2.7%? Not me. BTW, Andy Nasr of Middlefield Group said on BNNTV...read more
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Note to Mrbb on Valuiations, Four Stocks

I have assembled various "big picture" factors, but not specific to each of them. Will present when it's all together and you can throw either bricks at me or nominate me for Nobel Prize for Cndn...read more
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RE:Uchuck's "Fearless Foursome" are on Fire:KEY, IPL,ALA,PPL

the truth comes out http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/t.key/keyera-corp?postid=22205620  rate and reply
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RE:Four Pipes:Your Cornerstone for both Trading,RSP Accounts

Q: How many pipe would a Uchuck pipe if Uchuk could buy pipe?  A: 4 joke aside. i in 3 of those pipes before pipes were in fashion My question is why KEY get much more valuation than the other 3...read more
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Four Pipes:Your Cornerstone for both Trading,RSP Accounts

I invite all to run multi-year price graphs (use TMX www.), amazing how they run in close harmony with each other. Barriers to entry are impossibve, not like TESLA maybe eating up market share, or McD...read more
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Uchuck's "Fearless Foursome" are on Fire:KEY, IPL,ALA,PPL

Told you so about 7,8 months ago. The 4 pipes (KEY, ALA, IPL:, and PPL) have an average YOY return of 47% (plus add each divvy). TSX up 20% over the same period. You're most welcome.  rate and reply
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On watch

A break of 93.57 could move it up to 109.29 in short term. http://canada.stoxline.com/q_ca.php?s=key.to  rate and reply
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Can anyone provide me with any short selling numbers for this company? Thanks TheCautiousOne  rate and reply
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RE:Interview with CEO on BNNTV, Aug. 12th, Tues.

CLASSIC pump and dump coming on this stock, 40x PE on an oil and gas CO = overpriced !!  rate and reply
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Interview with CEO on BNNTV, Aug. 12th, Tues.

As John O'Connell had noted, CEO David Smith, cited about six big projects under-way for year 2015 completion. That is about $1.5 billion of capital construction. He wisely "skirted" the divvvy issue,...read more
1 star

John O'Connell Loves Keyera

On MarketCall, Aug. 11th, said that KEY "is a rock star compared to Enbridge."  Further said  KEY has substantial projects on-line for 2015." Note:ENBRIDGE is the "poster boy" for pipeline protests...read more
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Time to get out

Time to get out of KEY and lock in your profits. Its not going up much from here, its peaked, almost 40 times earnings for an oil and gas company is too high. If you short now, in a couple months you...read more
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Sell on stop

Thanks Uchuck, implemented  rate and reply
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Note to kenb1567:Use "selll on stop"

If you;re nervous, why not put in a bid to "sell on stop?" Say, we're now at $90.00, put in a bid to "ell on stop" for__% of your shares at ,say, $86.00, or so, for 2 months? That will give you some...read more