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Keyera Corp T.KEY

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas Midstream
Alternate Symbol(s):  KEYUF

Keyera Corp operates natural gas midstream businesses in Canada. It operates in the oil and gas sector between the upstream sector and the downstream sector. It is organized into two integrated businesses, Gathering and Processing & Liquids Business Unit.
Price: $82.94 | Change: $-0.10 | %Change: -0.12%
Volume: 134,331 | Day High/Low: 83.24/82.83 | 52 Week High/Low: 83.22/54.72

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4 stars

a lot on the go

they have a bunch of projects coming up, not to mention that their iso-octane facility has been running steadily through driving season.  As iso-octane is a low sulphur gasoline additive that...read more
1 star

David Burrows on BNNTV, July 24th

to a phone-in caller, he said KEY has "$2.5 to $3.5 Billion of captial projects" comuing up. Said "I would continue to hold and would buy here" (price at time was $81.70).  rate and reply
1 star

We Sould Be Sniffing at $100 Share by End Year 2014

Ave. EPS for all "Q's" in 2013 to rise from current 60 cents/share to about 80C./share over the upcoming four Quarterlies (source:TDWaterhouse www.)  rate and reply
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Earnings out...

Friday, Aug. 08th  rate and reply
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Uchuck's Musings on the "Pipes"

...can be located under T.PPL, Pembina Pipelines.  rate and reply
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John O'Connelll, Davis Rea, Is Hurtin'

"Chairman of the Board" for Davis Rea (how many staffers are there in his shop?, 7 or 9 folks?) will be "eating his words." We're only $1.08 away from blowing off a new high for KEY. Long-term, over...read more
1 star

The "Pipes" Down a Bit To-day

side-kick, on BNNTV,  of John O'Connnell, Davis Rea, bad-mouthing the pipes to-day. Davis Rea is same outfit saying that, about 6 months ago, at C$83.00, that Magna is "over-priced." Magna now around...read more
1 star

Must Be "Fresh" Money Coming Into the "Pipes?"

From "safe" stuff like like GIC's, etc. TSX up 14% past six months. For same period, (all ex-divvy) KEY up 28%, ALA up 27%, PPL up 30% and IPL up 29%. Time to dump those GIC's and enjoy the ride.  rate and reply
5 stars

RE:Why the near-5% Uplift, June11th?

Scotia also upped their target price from $78 --> $85! I'm assuming that is a big driver!  rate and reply
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Why the near-5% Uplift, June11th?

Just from announcing the June Divvy? Nice quandary to have. Gushing article in the Nat. Post, June 11th, Wed. on outlook for T.ALA, AltaGas, also proud owner of that one.  rate and reply
1 star

The "Pipes" Running Better than TSX Benchmark

TSX up 4% past 3  months. The 3 "pipes' I have T.KEY, T. ALA and T.PPL, they are up ave. of 13% over past 3 months.  rate and reply
1 star

CEO Loads up on More KEY Shares

in The Globe, Jujne 07. Sat., buys 2,000 more shares, in spite of co. recently issuing a new, expanded float of shares for future capital expansion. Other stocks would suffer from an increase in no...read more
1 star

O'Connell Hits the Pipeline "Panic Button"

John O'Connell, "licenced" broker for Davis Rea, goes ape over pipelines, see my note under T.ALA, AltaGas. What a laugh, that guy.  rate and reply
1 star

CIBC Target Raised for us

from $77 to a cool $79. I don't recall if this upgrade pre-dates the recent announcement of expansion of float of shares  rate and reply
1 star

"Bought Deal" Arrangement

As much I understand these things, it would be at a minumum price of $73.75, so that sort of "guarantees" a minumum share price for us. If the "offering" were 15% below current price, that's no good...read more
1 star

David Baskin on BNNTV MarketCall, Friday, May 09

Tol a phone-in caller, He said "We love the company."  rate and reply
1 star

General Comment, Larry "Bear"man on BNNTV

About 6, 7 months ago, he opined that the equity markets for Canada would be lousy because of an aging population. We are now sniffing at 15,000 level for TSX. Fact is, Canada's population is now...read more
1 star

David Burrows' Musing on KEY Stock

on BNNTV, MarketCall, April 02, Wed. He is easily one of the "top ten" well-regarded guests on BNNTV. Said that KEY is still one of their top ten holdings in their Barometer Capital Fund (I don't know...read more
1 star

Whither Goest KEY for Rest of Year?

For QI, TSX up 5.5% and KEY up double that, of 9.5%. If TSX can keep that pace, that's over 20% for Year 2014. That is a down-side,for the "pipes" are deemed boring  & reliable, so many greedy Gusses...read more
1 star

Note to PeterPiper, now over $70

Duhh, we already know that, Buckley Now, what do we do?  rate and reply