Gold-diggy?  Couple of question you say they all have comparible ounces of gold with less intial capital cost!  First, I am not sure what you consider comparible?  The Tasiast project has over 10 million ounces, which when considered correctly is about double that of any you mentioned.  Rememeber for the PFS they are counting no inferred and are not counting some measured and indicated it was very conservative.  Also, the grade is at a almost 50% higher than those you mentioned.  I cannot comment on the metrics of the Tasiast study as I have not seen it posted on Sedar yet.  That said I suspect they are including taxes and cost of financing not just the financing itself!  This is something I always have to see as many assume for simplicity as financing being totally by shares.  This, however makes the costs all out of whack!   Will comment further when I can compare the documentation.