The establishment is bringing out all the talking, walking zombies,bauble heads, crome domes and bearded wonderkinds, some of who had to disappear from the media light years ago because they had lost all credibility because of rediculous calls made just before gold stepped up to new highs previously in this long term gold bull market.

Always do your DD on any commentator in order to check is past record on what he is talking about.

This heavy hitting of the gold price and media bashing only leads me to beleive that something very gold positive just might be released from the G20 meeting this week.

Considering that it is Friday and the tremendous amount of negativity out there against gold and golds precipitous drop today there has been little follow through on little volume in the gold stocks I follow anyway. It would appear to me that there are few muppets left in the gold stocks these days which only bodes well for better days ahead.

For all those traders out there who thought they would use seasonality over the last few years in order play gold how has that worked out for you? I recall around a few years ago how helpfull certain bloggers were in distributing all kinds of charts and data on seasonality of gold price movements. I then find it credibility funny how since that time over the last few years the seasonality seems to have reversed hahahahahahahahahahaha. Always be careful when someone wants to sell you a bill of goods or give to you something for nothing hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The same thing can be said when someone approaches you to buy something from you hahahahahahahahahahaha.

I have heard there are those individuals out there in the financial industry who beleive that if someone is being difficult and proves impervious to there salesman pitch then threaten them. Apparently, especially if they are over 40 they become putting in there hands if they do this. I have met these types of individuals and the old wise experienced ones and let me tell you, I have yet to be impressed, especially when the old wise experienced ones have to resort to the cheap intimidation tactics which is just pathetic hahahahahahahahaha. 

Here is some advise for those individuals who feel tough behind a key board, words are cheap. You are nothing but little men who strut around in your power suits with padded shoulds like young cockerels hoping to impress the local tightly dresses waitresses surrounding your ivory towers when you step out by giving them a 100% tip and showing off how sharply dressed you are.

The true determination of a persons worth comes from the the metal and force of character within him and not those garmets he chooses to drape over himself. The true birds of pray are those who fly in the sky above you and so take care because you are only chickens afterall hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. 

All my honest beliefs and opinions as usual.